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Monday, December 22, 2008

Jiah Khan to do a 'Lopez' in Ghajini

The young bubbly girl who debuted as Amitabh Bachchan's muse in forgettable 'Nishabd' seems to have grown up and undergone a make over of sorts. Barely in her 20s, the lady from London who speaks,lives and breathes in English, had no idea what so ever about Bollywood's way of movie making. But just in her second venture, she somehow managed to grab the role which initially Kangana Ranaut was supposed to do; both ending up in cat fights, bollywood is so famous for.

Anyways, Jiah baby seems to be going strong, honing her skills as a dancer and even taking 'Urdu' classes for a lengthy dialogue in Aamir Khan's psychological thriller 'Ghajini'.

Her small role as 'Sunita', a medical student who studies Aamir Khan's character as part of her speciality and then gets involved in his personal hostility, has not been publicized much in the promos, but she ain't complaining. Backing on a sizzling dance number 'Lattoo', which is being called a 'La Lopez', she is already going a long way in her second film.

The dance number goes on air in just a few days. Hopefully we'll see her promos before the film releases. Don't miss it here!


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